Orphanage "House of Hope" in Benin

The House of Hope is a place of safety and comfort to children with a painful and troubled past. Thanks to the support of members of the Mercy Ships staff and other aid organizations, all of these children are able to find again hope and the promise of a better future.

Each child has a bed and clothes of his own and receives three meals a day. The children are schooled and the staff of the House of Hope supports their learning.

A plot of land is farmed with corn and other cereals, which provide a source of income to cover part of the costs of the House of Hope. These plantations also allow the children to learn the basics of agriculture and the importance of financial planning.

The House of Hope is a personal initiative recognized and supported by Mercy Ships Switzerland.


Palliative Care

The impact on the families of terminally ill patients can be overwhelming. Our palliative care provides emotional support and training for patients, family members and caregivers. Helping each person to cope with the imminent pain and passing of a close one, and most importantly equipping them to provide the patient with the most dignified and comfortable experience possible.