Story of Vanya

Vanya is a little girl like any other. With one exception: her bowed legs caught everyone’s eye.

While other children play and run, Vanya sits on the sidelines. When they cry and laugh, she remains silent.

Her heart yearns for these games, laughs and fun times. But her legs deprive her of all this.
Her parents had long ago given up hope of seeing Vanya healed. They simply could not afford any treatment. Her fate seemed sealed, and her future bleak.

Fortunately, this is not the end of the story! A new chapter began with the arrival of the Africa Mercy in Madagascar.

On board our hospital ship, our surgeons have operated on her legs, our nurses took great care of her and our physiotherapists have accompanied her throughout the long process of rehabilitation.

And all for free!

Previously, the first thing people saw in Vanya was her crooked legs. The first thing they see now is her smile. A beautiful smile that reflects the transformation she went through!

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