A Mother Never Stops Loving

Sory, a frightened and cowering seventeen-year-old boy with a benign facial tumor shrouded by a cloth, dreamed of the near impossible in West Africa… a life-changing surgery.

His mother, Saran, held his left hand firmly on her knee in a gesture of protective love. As Sory’s tumor had ballooned out of his mouth, Saran had drawn closer to her son. If he was to live a nightmare, then she would live that nightmare too. That is what a mother does.

Before the tumor, this farming family lived a simple life. Sory’s father and elder brother gave him the oxen to care for when he was nine. Sory learned to guide them through the farm chores. Sory’s mother worked the field, keeping a proud eye on her younger son.

When Sory complained about a lump growing on his jaw, Saran was worried. Over the next two years, Sory had dizzy spells, but no pain, as the tumor pushed forward.

Saran’s eyes fill with sorrow. „I learned quickly how cruel people can be. No one in our small village ever had a condition like this. They believed Sory was cursed. People yelled and threw sticks at Sory.“

Saran and her husband made the painful decision to keep Sory hidden at home. Saran’s heart shattered as she saw the confusion in her son’s eyes. „The more he was consumed by pain and fear, the more love I tried to pour into him,“ she explained.

Saran never let Sory see her despair.  Instead, Sory recalls, „My mother gave me hope. I cried so many times. But she would always comfort me. We would pray together, and she would tell me that there would be healing.“

Saran recalls the day that Sory’s struggle to eat and breathe signalled he was near the end. „He could only swallow a little meat broth. He lost consciousness and I felt he was close to his last breath when my husband’s brother called. He said, ‘Bring Sory to city right away. There is a ship here that does operations!’“

„God knows my mother never gave up on me. When no one else could love me, she loved me. When no one else would eat with me, she ate with me. My mother would have given her own life for me to be healed. God knows it, and I know it too,“ said Sory.

Sory believes his mother’s steadfast love bought him the time he needed. Following two months of recovery, Sory’s thoughts are now focused on the farm and the future he wants to fill with friends, a wife and some grandchildren for his mother.