Pulcherie, on her way to the big ship for a big change!
Dr Richard Newson, one of many compassionate surgeons on board the Africa Mercy, performed her surgery.
It was an incredible moment when the nurse removed Pulcherie's bandages and she realized she could see for the first time in 15 years.

At the age of 15, Pulcherie was hit in the face by a belt. One eye was severely damaged-to the point that she lost her sight in that eye. To make matters worse, shortly after a cataract stole her vision in the other eye.

Pulcherie knew what it meant to live a difficult life.  When we met her, she had been blind for over 15 years. At 33, she was abandoned by her husband and left to raise their child as a single mother with no hope for a job due to her lack of sight.

She had never been able to see the face of her 11-month baby, Guychelle. „I have only ever touched her,“ she said. „I know her by the feel of her nose, her hands and the smell of her hair.“

Three months ago we operated on Pulcherie onboard the Africa Mercy. She was in good hands! The day after surgery, her eye patch was taken off.  The first thing Pulcherie did was look down at her dress and say, „It is orange.“

It was an incredible moment when she realized she could see for the first time in years. She wept for joy and her mother erupted into a heartfelt song of thanksgiving.
But the sight she had waited so desperately was the face of Guychelle. Pulcherie held her little daughter in her arms for a very long time. Her eyes joyfully took in every detail of her baby’s beauty - from her eyelashes to tiny toes. „I am so happy! So happy!“

Recently, one of our team visited her in her village. She has now found work to support herself and her daughter, and hasn’t stopped looking at her daughter and smiling.  She has every confidence now that she will be able to help her daughter grow up strong and healthy under her watchful-and working-eyes!