During Harmonie's recovery from surgery to correct the eye condition that caused her eyes to turn inward, her sister Danielle stayed at her side.
Kim Strauss, nurse, gives both sisters a last hug before their return home.

Finding confidence in her voice

Harmonie grew up in a loving family environment with her parents and four sisters. According to her sister Danielle, „Harmonie loves to sing and her sweet voice often fills our home.“

While Harmonie had a life of many blessings, one painful reality threatened to derail any hope of reaching her full potential. Harmonie was born with a condition called strabismus where the eyes are not in alignment. One eye turns inward or outward rather than looking straight ahead.

To those living in developed countries, an otherwise intelligent and talented young woman would not be held back simply because of this eye problem. However, in Africa it is commonly believed that any physical anomaly is caused by a curse. When people noticed Harmonie’s crossed-eyes, they feared that her curse would spread to them. Aware of their thoughts, Harmonie felt ashamed.  

The thirty-minute surgery Harmonie needed was not available in the country. The family could not afford to send Harmonie overseas, where strabismus surgeries were readily available.

Then Harmonie heard about Mercy Ships. She explains, „When I heard that a hospital ship was coming that could treat many things, including eye problems, I grabbed my sister.  We didn’t have to say a word. We knew that God had heard our prayers.“    

With Danielle at her side after a successful surgery, Harmonie looked at her own face in amazement! Her eyes were now perfectly aligned.

A few weeks later a large crowd gathered to hear Hermonie’s debut solo at a local church! Harmonie shared what was on her heart about her journey to healing with Mercy Ships.