Grace, her mother and Grégoire on board the Africa Mercy, with their hearts full of joy !
Grace before her surgery
“God is good because He did a big thing for me. I did not believe that I could be saved, but God has had grace. Mercy Ships arrived in Pointe Noire, they treated me, and I am better today,” Grace, 17 years old, with a brighter future ahead of her!
Dr Gary

A „human chain“ filled with compassion

Grace, 17 years old, was the very first patient selected for our Congo field service. But the way she became connected to the Africa Mercy was quite unusual.

Maybe you wonder how we find our patients? Most of them are seen during patient selection days organized at various places in the visited country. But in Grace’s case, it took a „human chain“, all the way through Switzerland, to make the connection between Grace and our hospital ship.

The first „link“ was made by Grégoire, a chaplain who met Grace at a hospital in Kinshasa in August 2012. Shocked to discover her but deeply touched by the encounter, he adopted her in his heart and regularly visited her.

He found out that at the age of 11, Grace suffered from an inflammation on her jaw and went through two operations. Both were unsuccessful, and the doctors gave up, as there was nothing more they could do for her.

The tumor grew, distorting Grace’s face. There was a tiny glimpse of hope that a clinic in Milan, 5’500 kilometers away, would operate on her, but it sounded complicated and would cost several thousands francs.

Grégoire spent many hours alongside Grace at the hospital, comforting her. He says she was often so distraught that she cried all night.

In Summer 2012, Grégoire met a Swiss pastor, Jean-Claude. Back in Switzerland, Jean-Claude wrote about Grace in his newsletter that soon „landed“ in Martine’s hands, a former Mercy Ships crew member. Immediately Mercy Ships came to Martine’s mind because they often performed this kind of surgery, so she recommended him to contact the organization’s office in Lausanne.

Christophe from our office made the link with the ship and Grace’s medical records were sent to Esther, a nurse in charge of the patient selection on the Africa Mercy. She submitted the case to Dr. Gary Parker, Mercy Ships’ chief surgeon and a highly skilled maxillofacial specialist. The perfect connection was made!

At that time, the ship was located in Conakry, 3’500 ki