Christian’s Crystal Clear Future

Mercy (left) received a free cataract operation, Gafar (center) had a large tumor removed from his face and Christian (right) also received a cataract operation
Christian now has a crystal clear future. He was blind; now he can see!

More than anything, nine-year-old Christian wanted to play football and learn to read.  Now he can do both, thanks to free cataract surgery onboard the Mercy Ship.

Christian lives in Togo and is nine years old; but he is not like other children his age.

They can read. He cannot.
They can play football. He cannot.
They can see… he cannot.

Christian has cataracts. His father, Adado noticed Christian’s problem when he was three.

Christian attended school for one year but couldn't see the chalkboard.  His father knows it is important that he attend school. Adado says, „He struggles to learn things and he is slow, but I want him to be around other children his age. I don't want him to miss out on an education. “

Adado tried to find out what the problem was, but found no one who could help his son.  He became very discouraged.

Then, a light shone through the darkness. A man who lived near Adado and Christian told them about a surgery he had received for free on the Mercy Ship in Lomé.  

"Free surgery?“ Adado thought. „Could this be true?“

Adado and Christian went to the patient screening site where an eye specialist referred them to the