Mercy Ships there for Alfred again

Even though the tumour removal in 2005 was successful, another growth had appeared on his jaw
Dr Gary Parker with Alfred and his father
Alfred as he looks today…

It was hard for the crew on board the Anastasis to forget Alfred. As a 15-year old, he had travelled with his father to the port of Cotonou, where the hospital ship was docked, to receive treatment to remove a five-pound tumour that was disfiguring his face and preventing him from eating. So when Alfred came to the Africa Mercy in 2009, the memories came flooding back to Mercy Ships doctors and nurses, who were delighted to see this now fully healthy young man.

But why the visit?

In February 2009, Alfred - now 19 years old - began noticing a renewed swelling in his upper jaw, just beside his nose. Alfred and his family knew that the new Mercy Ship, the Africa Mercy, had come to Cotonou. They journeyed to the ship and saw Dr Gary Parker and other long-term crew members who had treated him in 2005.  This time, he had no apprehension about the outcome of his visit.

„When I saw the doctor, I remembered it was through this man, I was healed,“ Alfred says. „If it was not for this man, I would have been dead.“
X-rays showed the metal plate in his mouth, the structure that had held firm over the years. But a small tumour was forming where Alfred had noticed swelling. The tumour was removed quickly, and Alfred