Transformed lives

Around the world today, millions of people live in fear and desperation, with impure water, inadequate food and little or no access to healthcare...

Mercy Ships exists as a compassionate response to a world in need. Together we are part of one race on our planet, irrespective of country, creed or color.

Behind every statistic is a story, a life - a person waiting for hope and healing.

See lives changed through hope and healing...


William: "I can see my son again!"


Three years ago, William developped cataracts. He became blind and could not afford surgery. Until, one day, a big ship arrived in...

Somaya’s Second Chance


Life is full of surprises. Neny knows something about it, since her story is full of twists!» read more

Sandrins walks towards a bright future!


Two twin sisters, two identical life courses... until that fateful day when destiny leaves Sandrins behind.» read more

An amazing transformation


Sambany was a man who suffered from a huge tumor before he met the surgeons from Mercy Ships. Discover his incredible story.» read more

Sight restored after 15 years


At the age of 15, Pulcherie was hit in the face by a belt. One eye was severely damaged-to the point that she lost her sight in that...

Joy and relief for Emmanoel and his mother


It is the night before her little boy’s surgery onboard the Africa Mercy and Elodie refuses to sleep. Exhausted, she keeps her hand on...

Harmonie finds confidence in herself


Harmonie grew up in a loving family environment with her parents and four sisters. According to her sister Danielle, „Harmonie loves...

A „human chain“ filled with compassion


Grace, 17 years old, was the very first patient selected for our Congo field service. But the way she became connected to the Africa...

A Mother Never Stops Loving


Sory, a frightened and cowering seventeen-year-old boy with a benign facial tumor shrouded by a cloth, dreamed of the near impossible...

Respect brings healing too


Sakoba was a happy and energetic boy but by the age of three, he had developed severely bowed legs. His mother, Kadiatou, struggled to...

The little girl with the big smile


There is a universal principle of childhood physics that we all remember well: the joy of spinning in circles. Perhaps it was while...

Mohamed’s Astonishment


This once desperate man is now brimming with hope. „The lump on my neck started growing when I was in my mid-twenties.“ Recalls...

Better Days for Batouli


Habibatou and Mamadou had never experienced this much joy and sorrow at the same time. The birth of their first baby was a precious...

Restoring dignity through surgery


Twenty-four years ago, Abra went into labor. It was her fifth child that she delivered by herself at home, but this time was...

The girl who smiled from the inside out


Born with a cleft lip, the face of the little girl born to Fatumata was so repugnant and frightening to the people in her village in...» read more

Radiatou’s Friends


Loss is a part of life, something to which we must all grow accustomed. It's in those moments that we most need friends. Radiatou...

Four siblings and cousin see for the first time!


Perched on long wooden benches, many children with congenital cataracts waited to be examined at a Mercy Ships eye screening in Togo,...

Kossi Walks In for a Mercy Ships Follow-Up Visit


Mercy Ships provided some 1200 free surgeries to the people of Togo during our 2012 field service. Patients from the previous 2010...

Sibi Julie Comes Out of the Shadows


In a way, life for Sibi Julie began in darkness. She was born at a normal weight, but a bilateral cleft lip made it difficult for her...» read more

Ibrahim’s story


When Ibrahim was four years old, he fell down while playing and injured his chin. The wound healed, but, over time, his lower jaw...

Story of Roger


For at least 10 years, Roger suffered with an ever-expanding growth on his chin. His remarkable sense of humor helped him to keep some...

Joeshine’s new start


Josephine had four children when she discovered she was pregnant with a fifth. Despite the fact that she had a C-section in the local...

A smile says it all


Fatmata, a fourth-grade student, faced some monumental problems that no thirteen-year-old should have to face. She left school to give...

A free surgery revolutionizes the life of a young woman


Sometimes, I would just sit down and cry,“ said Sally with great emotion. For 17 years, people laughed at her and mocked her because...

Trained to train others


„Doing ten [cataract surgeries] a day, I thought I was the best eye surgeon in the world,“ said Dr. Ayo Bello. But then he met Dr....

I Will Not Be a Beggar - Bambay’s Story


Sierra Leone’s violent 10-year civil war devastated its people and left the country in shambles and deeper poverty.

Noma no more for Namina!


A healthy baby girl at birth, Namina Yillah suddenly began to see swelling in her face at 18 months old. One morning the swelling...

Abdul Vandi


The villagers called Abdul the „devil child“ because of his deformed, curled-in feet. Although abandoned by his mother, Abdul’s father...

Seeing Life in Full Colour


Fatmata sat quietly in the admissions tent cuddling her 16-month-old daughter in her lap. She had been searching for over a year for...» read more

New Smiles for Mom and Baby!


Babies born with deformities in West Africa often start life as victims of the West African superstition that abnormalities are signs...» read more

Josephine’s miraculous rescue


Josephine’s parents were scared. Their two-year-old had inhaled something that seriously affected her breathing. David and Judith...» read more

Espoir stands tall


FOOTBALL! Just the mention of the word grabbed the attention of four-year-old Espoir. Espoir is a bright and very active little boy...

Abla’s Golden Ticket


Abla, a woman living in Togo, West Africa, has been pregnant seven times. Seven stillborn babies. Seven crushing disappointments.

Hope for my Children


Amavi and her baby sister, Kossinovi, are from a family of eight children. They share a distinctive characteristic - they were both...

Akuavi can face life again


For 30 years, Akuavi suffered with an expanding growth over her right eye that no scarf could adequately cover. The problem began as a...

Bagnangui’s wait comes to an end


Bagnangui, the carpenter, is a gentle man from north Togo who suffered stoically for 16 years with disfiguring growths.

A future and a hope


Imagine your world being torn apart in an instant. You are orphaned, homeless and alone. Too young to work. Too weak to beg for food....

Akissi’s hope returns


Akissi is a spirited teenager. Her gleaming white teeth brighten her contagious smile. Some things get lost in translation, but not...

Walking through adversity to a new life


Growing up with backwards legs, 11-year-old Abel refused to let deformity stop him from being a goalie. Now, with straightened legs,...

Newborn’s surgery saves his life


Five-day-old Kossi won’t remember the surgery on his tongue onboard the Mercy Ship that saved his life, but it is one day that his...

Cross-eyes Now Straight


Baby Claudine’s mom waited for her newborn to open her eyes. But nothing happened and the doctors could offer no reason why the baby...

Noma - no more: Aissa’s new face


Seven-year-old Aissa weighed 11 kg when she arrived onboard the Mercy Ship where a team of maxillo-facial surgeons reconstructed her...

Christian’s Crystal Clear Future


More than anything, nine-year-old Christian wanted to play football and learn to read. Now he can do both, thanks to free cataract...» read more

Brought back from the brink of death


Lawson was facing starvation because of tumour growing in his mouth. That was until he came to the Africa Mercy.» read more

Oceane's miracle


Baby Oceane underwent a complicated operation to remove a "second head" resulting from a birth defect. She's now living life to the...

Saved from a life of rejection


Oscar and his mother Florentine sit together in the Africa Mercy ward before Oscar’s surgery. „I felt a very, very big pain in my...

Edith: dignity restored


Dignity restored to a West African teenager

Maomai: saved from suffocation


Baby Maomai would have probably died of suffocation had not Mercy Ships doctors intervened with vital surgery.

Bringing light to the darkness


Three young brothers and sister whose lives were blighted by cataracts regained the gift of sight.

Mercy Ships there for Alfred again


It was hard for the crew on board the Anastasis to forget Alfred. As a 15-year old, he had travelled with his father to the port of...

20 years of pain and anguish


Kotiam thought there was no way out of his condition. That was until he heard about some foreign doctors operating for free…

Crippled by bowed legs


Three-year-old Maurel, from Benin, sleeps in a hospital bed onboard the Africa Mercy. His mother, René, sits calmly next to him,...

A horrific, debilitating accident


Janviera remembers the afternoon poignantly - it was a Thursday, 23 October 2008. She recalls her children coming home from school a...

Successful cleft lip/palate repair


Story of Odilon Baby Odilon was left starving because a cleft lip and palate prevented him from feeding. Onboard the Africa Mercy,...

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