Perspective of Sophie

Sophie, from La Conversion (VD), has joined the volunteer team of the Africa Mercy for three months.

How did you hear about Mercy Ships?

Sophie Corset: « My grandmother showed me an article in a newspaper and I thought the idea of a hospital ship was unique. I really wanted and needed to change jobs and also needed a change of pace. The day I decided to submit my resignation, I decided to volunteer for three months for Mercy Ships. It was like a sign. »

What will you do on board?

« I’m a hostess in the hospitality department. Our work consists of welcoming the new crew members, giving them a tour of the ship along with all of the information they need to feel at ease. We also put together receptions, if, for example, the president of the country we’re visiting comes on board. And we take care of a lot of other little things! »

What motivated you to work as a volunteer?

«For me, it’s a sign of appreciation for the quality of life of my environment compared with that of others who live in poverty, distress and suffering. In addition, after a number of trips abroad, I wanted to be active in humanitarian endeavours. Mercy Ships allows me to address both of these motivations. You need to pay to live onboard, but that allows us to offer operations and a change of life to people who are suffering. »

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