Perspective of Silvio

Silvio Koller, from Wermatswil (ZH), just came back from a two month mission onboard the Africa Mercy.

„I heard about Mercy Ships from a girl friend who had gotten onboard last year. This immediately triggered my enthusiasm. This year, I, in turn, had the opportunity to board the Africa Mercy, off Sierra Leone. I worked as a nurse in orthopedic services, hernia and plastic surgery. The job was highly interesting and I am glad that I could make this experience. For me, giving up two months of salary was not an issue, as was paying for my stay onboard. Seeing what is accomplished there is enough a remuneration.

Encounters with patients were highly enriching and I was even invited once to one patient's place! Another patient particularly impressed me. He explained to me what they had gone through during the civil war, how the rebels treated the villagers and severed their arms or legs, just to make them unable to fight! It was horrible to hear all these stories. Then, I was always grateful to have the opportunity to share such things with the team, and to pray together for our patients.

If you have the opportunity to dedicate some time onboard Africa Mercy, do not hesitate! There are plenty of posts, not only in the medical sector. This is a fantastic job!“

Ward on the Africa Mercy

Visit one of the wards on the Africa Mercy where patients recover after their surgery.