Perspective of Dr Guy

Dr Guy, an ophthalmologist working in Yverdon (VD), spent two weeks on board the Africa Mercy, where he put his skills into practice to help the people of Benin.

Mercy Ships: What motivated you to go to Benin with Mercy Ships?

Dr Guy: „It is a „dream“ hidden for many years that I was finally able to fulfill, at the right time for my family and for myself.“

What was your strongest impression aboard the ship?

Maybe the heart of the whole crew towards the task at hand, with all kind of professions at work: cleaners, mechanics, welders, medical, technical and administrative staff, seamen, etc.“

How does it feel to restore the sight of a blind person?

"It is a privilege. But I’m only one doctor among many. I’m not indispensable, yet I feel glad and thankful to be able to do such a job."

How do you compare your work in Switzerland and the job you did in Benin?

"On the Africa Mercy, we spent much more time in the operating room. We have less paperwork and fewer minor complaints."

Your final word?

"I eagerly await my next trip to the Africa Mercy, which will be based in Togo in 2010."

Thank you, Dr Guy !

Eye surgery

Each year thousands of West Africans can see again thanks to a free life changing operation on the Africa Mercy. Visit our on-board operating theater, our off-ship eye center, eye patients on the Africa Mercy and a "celebration of sight ceremony".

Mercy Ships eye surgery on board the Africa Mercy

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