Perspective of Dr Gary

Dr. Gary started his volunteer carrier with Mercy Ships on board the Anastasis, our former flag vessel, in Lazero Cardenes, Mexico, in 1987.

More than 23 years of service to the poor!

I remember stepping off a plane from California into the suffocating heat of Mexico.  I was young, somewhat of an idealist and had come to work a few months with Mercy Ships. Eager, with high hopes, I soon felt the jolt of dashed expectations and hard-edged reality.

I survived - barely.  I became sick in body and grieved in mind and soul from what I witnessed - the degradation poverty brings, the hopelessness, the fear.  I grew increasingly aware of global inequities, of injustices, past and present, and of world-views that perpetuate cycles of poverty. Challenged to the core, I looked into the eyes of the poor, and learned lessons that summer which affected the course of my life.  I left Mexico with a conviction that I must spend my life for justice and compassion.

Which is why, for the last 23 years, I have served with Mercy Ships.  Representing many nations, we work together to serve the poor and to show God’s love in practical and beneficial ways. 

Without the labour of the entire team--those working at the national offices, our support base, and those who contribute with financial gifts, there would be no attaining of the goal.  On behalf of those we are privileged to serve, please accept my most sincere thanks.

Dr Gary Parker