Perspective of Claudia

Claudia, dental assistant, Crans-près-Céligny (VD)

Claudia took unpaid leave and joined the Mercy Ships dental team in Benin for three months.

Mercy Ships: Claudia, what gave you the desire to go to Benin with Mercy Ships?

Claudia: „The desire to discover an organization like Mercy Ships, a country and a culture that I didn’t know, and also the desire to give my time and my money to help disadvantaged people.“

Tell us about an average day with the dental team?  

We treated about 70 patients per day and mostly performed extractions and fillings. We also treated infections and broken jawbones as well as reconstructing front teeth using composite resin and treating roots.“

How do you compare your work in Switzerland with the job you did in Benin?

In the dental practice where I work, we mainly take care of cosmetic problems. It was a very interesting experience to work in Benin where we took care of patients to bring relief in cases that had lasted for several months and even years!“

Your last word for the end?

Even though it represented a drop in the ocean, my experience was unique, unforgettable and very rewarding!“

Thank you, Claudia.


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