Perspective of Ariane

Ariane, Lausanne (VD)

One day a friend told Ariane about Mercy Ships and gave her a few newsletters to read. Then one glance at the website and she was won over by the idea of working onboard the Africa Mercy: „I was really moved and touched by Mercy Ships and the incredible work they do and how they transform lives using free operations! As I was preparing a gap year, the idea of working with Mercy Ships started to grow in my heart“.

Ariane joined the Africa Mercy in Benin for seven weeks. She was part of the cleaning team in charge of keeping the public spaces on the ship clean. Though the job was quite tiring and, for most people, not particularly exciting, Ariane didn’t complain: „no, it was not unpleasant. For me, there are no „under-jobs“; all the jobs on the ship are important. We are part of a body with many parts; we need doctors, cooks in the kitchen, or people to keep the ship in shape. I’m glad to have had an opportunity to take part in the work of Mercy Ships.

Her formula for dealing with the hard work required in her cleaning job: „I did my workout at the same time,“ laughs Ariane.


Town Square on the Africa Mercy

Visit the « Town Square » on the Africa Mercy, a meeting place in the heart of the ship, where volunteer crew come to relax and socialize.