TV broadcasts

TV channels in Switzerland and around the world report on Mercy Ships.

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Mise au Point: Capitaine ad hoc (RTS1)

Swiss Channel RTS 1 published a 15 minutes report on Roland Decorvet, former Director of the Africa Mercy, in the program Mise au Point on february the 1st, 2015.

Mercy Ships on France 24

Discover this excellent documentary from France 24, while the Africa Mercy was docked in Pointe Noire, Congo.

Mercy Ships on CBS 60 Minutes!

Don’t miss this! The famous news broadcasting station and winner of several Emmy Awards has broadcasted the highly attractive story about Mercy Ships on Sunday 17.2.2013.


Please note: this story was produced for the American market and does not reflect the fact, that Mercy Ships is an international organization founded 35 years ago in Switzerland.

Additional links to the 60 Minutes Show:

Summary version of the Mercy Ships story:

Interview with Ali, a nurse:

Interview with the chief-surgeon, Dr. Garry Parker:

Interview „live as a family on the ship“:

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