Serve on the field

Every year over a thousand volunteers give their time and skills to serve on board our hospital-ship the Africa Mercy.

Mercy Ships provides a wide range of opportunities for those who wish to serve in both the medical and non-medical fields. We are looking for qualified professionals, young adults, retirees, any persons who is willing to participate in the work of Mercy Ships. The minimum commitment times are varied.

Examples of positionsMinimum
Surgeon, dentist, OR nurse2 weeks
Ward nurse, dining room staff2 months
Cook, hostess, engine hand3 months
Media liaison, receptionist, hair stylist6 months
Photographer, business analyst, security officer1 year
Executive assistant, electrician, teacher2 years
Captain, finance director, HR director3 years


Here is some additional information if you are interested to serve:

  • You must be minimum 18 years old and have good knowledge of English.
  • A very valuable skill is to speak French.
  • We do not offer internships for medical students. We focus on the training of local personnel.
  • The costs of flights and accommodation on the ships are to be borne by the volunteer.
  • The ship is visiting ports in West and Central Africa.
  • It stays about 10 months (September to June) in a country and is undergoing a technical phase of two months (July-August) in general in the Canary Islands.

For a complete list of available positions, to receive a document of Q & A, to know how to apply and for all other questions or information, contact us!

go[at] or 021 654 32 10

Urgent positions available

Are you free right now? Check a list of urgent jobs to be filled. This list is updated daily by our human resources department. Click on this link.

We stay at your disposal for any further information.

go[at] or 021 654 32 10

Introduction to Mercy Ships Course

To learn more about Mercy Ships and the life on board, the Introduction to Mercy Ships course (IMS) offers a 3 days long programme over a week-end (usually in April and October), on board a small passenger ship in the Netherlands.

Topics covered include introduction to Mercy Ships, transitioning, community life issues, support raising and an interview process. All lectures are performed in English.

For questions about the IMS course, dates and registration, please contact us!

go[at] or 021 654 32 10

Patients selection is underway!

Mercy Ships is selecting patients from 12 cities all over Madagascar

Mercy Ships Open House

Lausanne, Saturday September 5th, 2015: Come and discover the work of Mercy Ships!