Churches through prayer, financial and volunteer support play a vital role in helping us to demonstrate the love of God to the poor and needy. There are a number of ways that individuals and Churches can get involved:

Church Representative

The role of a church rep is to act as a point of contact for Mercy Ships in your church to help us raise much needed funds, awareness, and prayerful support for our work. This might include:

  • Placing articles about Mercy Ships in your church newsletter, distributing leaflets and up-to-date information, displaying posters and so on
  • Arranging for a Mercy Ships speaker to give a talk after a service and taking a collection in support of our work.
  • Organising a special service in support of one of our projects at Easter or Christmas
  • Organising a fundraising event after a service or one evening during the week. You could show a Mercy Ships DVD, or arrange one of our speakers to give a talk
  • Organising a group of people join a Mercy Team - a 10-day mission trip to work alongside ships and land-based programmes on specific field projects
  • Setting up a Fundraising Support Group in your Church to pray, fundraise and raise awareness for Mercy Ships. You could encourage your bible study group to help you, or ask your church leader to identify people who would be interested in helping.
  • Setting up a prayer group to pray for our work once a week or monthly using materials provided by Mercy Ships.
  • Co-ordinating the distribution of Mercy Ships collection boxes to other church members and the banking and receipting of all monies raised from them.

Invite a Speaker

We have a dedicated group of individuals that can be booked to speak to churches.

Many on the Speakers Network are ex-crew and have first hand knowledge and stories of life on a Mercy Ship. They give presentations from 10 to 20 minutes about Mercy Ships with photos, and other multimedia presentation material. You can support us by arranging one of our speakers to come to you.

Hold A Special Collection

By holding a collection for Mercy Ships during a service, or at a special time of year such as Easter or Christmas Sunday, your church can give children and families a new start in life. Mercy Ships can supply collection envelopes, money boxes, literature, and posters to support your collection.

Sponsor a Project

Get your whole church working together to demonstrate God’s love to the poor and needy by raising funds for a development project. Your congregation could raise money to buy a piece of equipment on a Mercy Ship, or fund a project that will transform the lives of an entire community. Mercy Ships will work closely with you to select a project suitable for your church and provide support, resources and feedback to make it a year to remember.

For further information or assistance, please contact us:

info[at] or 021 654 3210