Former passenger volunteers

18.01.2012- As a child, Milan Falsing from Denmark had traveled many times onboard the Dronning Ingrid. He recently realized his dream of serving onboard this ferry, which became… the Africa Mercy!

Milan Falsing, Danish officer onboard the Africa Mercy, formerly a Danish ferry named Dronning Ingrid.

On maps still visible on the Africa Mercy, Milan points the route that the ferry Dronning Ingrid made to bring him to his grand-mother many years ago.

May 31, 1997 was the last operational day for the ferry Dronning Ingrid. That same year, a tunnel built under the sea made ferries in Danemark obsolete. That was a very sad day for 11-year-old Milan Falsing…

Trips on the ferry to visit his grand-mother were a fond memory and Milan was broken-hearted. His concerned mother contacted the ferry owners to ask if her children could make a farewell visit to the ferry. Amazingly the company’s vice president granted the request and even toured the ship with them. „That’s when I decided to become a seafarer,“ he said. „I just wanted to go out to sea.“