Thousands of lives transformed

15.01.2012- The Africa Mercy left Sierra Leone a few weeks ago. Its commitment in this country lasted 10 months and allowed more than 1000 volunteers representing more than 40 nations to transform thousands of lives.

The medical teams offered more than 5,900 free operations.  Meanwhile, the dental teams gave more than 34,700 treatments, thus answering a pressing need in this country where only one dentist is present per million inhabitants!

Our thankfulness goes to the many Swiss donors, the volunteers and to all who contribute to the work of Mercy Ships.  Each of them plays an essential role in allowing Mercy Ships to accomplish its mission of helping the populations most in need.

Thank you for your partnership with Mercy Ships.  With your support, we can already rejoice in bringing new hope to the inhabitants of Togo and Guinea in 2012.


During its 2011 Field Service in Sierra Leone, Mercy Ships offered:

  • more than 3,300 life-changing surgeries, such as cleft/palate repair, tumor removal, orthopaedic, plastic and general surgeries
  • more than 10,000 general medical consultations
  • more than 34,700 dental treatments
  • more than 2,600 eye operations and more than 17,800 eye consultations
  • basic health training (covering topics like nutrition, hand washing, wound care, dental care,) to more than 12,600 persons in villages and clinics
  • training in organic farming methods to 16 students from local organizations
  • coaching and training to more than 450 local health-care professionals in their area of expertise (anesthesiology, midwifery, sterilization, orthopaedic and  reconstructive surgery)