Mercy Ships International

Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to serve nations and transform lives, one at a time.  

Mercy Ships, an international faith-based organization, has a mission to increase health care delivery throughout the world. Through the deployment of the world’s largest, private hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships works with host nations to help fill the gaps in health care systems, while serving the dire and immediate needs of their population.

Mercy Ships provides mentoring and training opportunities for medical professionals along with a variety of surgical interventions. Collaborating with qualified local and international partners, Mercy Ships programmes offer holistic support to developing nations striving to make health care accessible for all.

Mercy Ships provides surgical interventions, training and capacity building, and other healthcare services to the underserved regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, or age.

Lausanne, Switzerland, is not only the birthplace of Mercy Ships but the home of the Mercy Ships Global Office and the Mercy Ships Swiss Office. 

The Swiss Office is part of a global network of 16 Mercy Ships offices around the globe.

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